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Your Journey Part 4: Moving forward 

Whether you’re thinking about your future career, looking for work, or are currently employed, this guide addresses issues that frequently concern trans and nonbinary people as they consider their options, apply for work, and navigate the workplace.

One of the main purposes of this career guide is to stimulate your own reflection on what’s important to you and help you to clarify what you want. For many career-related questions, there isn’t always just one answer or approach. We hope this guide helps you find the answers that work for you.

We encourage trans and nonbinary students and recent grads to access career services on U of T’s three campuses and engage in networking to help identify next steps. We also want to remind you that there are legal protections for trans and nonbinary people in Ontario, and this guide offers tips and strategies for dealing with discrimination and transphobia that may still persist in some workplaces.

We hope you feel more optimistic about the career exploration and job search process — it can be challenging, but you are not alone. We are here to support you. Reach out to your friends, your community, and your campus resources for help. Having read this guide, you’ve already taken an important step in your career journey. You have many valuable skills and experiences that could benefit a variety of workplaces, and we hope this guide helps you achieve success.






This guide was written by cisgender University of Toronto staff from career centres at the Scarborough, Mississauga and St. George campuses, and the Sexual & Gender Diversity Office. The authors acknowledge that they do not share the same lived experiences as trans and nonbinary people. An important part of the writing process was to ensure ongoing consultation with trans and nonbinary communities. This included focus groups with trans and nonbinary students, alumni, staff, and faculty (one in 2018, two in 2019), as well as one-on-one correspondence and conversations. Our thanks to everyone who contributed to this document — they are named below.

Among the many people and offices involved in bringing the guide to fruition, a special thanks goes to Career Exploration & Education, and specifically Sania Hameed and Mary Stefanidis, who along with David Pereira from the Sexual & Gender Diversity Office, initiated and managed this project.

Special thanks to Beena Mistry for illustrations in the guide and to Sabrina Lin and Mahfam Nikoo for layout and design.

  • Adrián Bermudez
  • Alex Hanna
  • Allison Burgess
  • Allison Wallis
  • Allos
  • Ayesha
  • Beena Mistry
  • Cheryl Quan
  • Cynthia Jairam
  • David Pereira
  • Elliot
  • Em Praysner
  • Grey Spafford
  • Janie Ginsberg
  • Jennifer Davies
  • Kathy Vi Mac
  • Mahfam Nikoo
  • Manjot Bining
  • Marcellin Tran
  • Mary Stefanidis
  • Megan Tate
  • Nik Redman
  • Oliver Bakhiline
  • Oreoluwa Adara
  • Peggy Shkuda
  • Rebecca Earnshaw
  • Sabrina Lin
  • Sania Hameed
  • Vikki Huang


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Guide Citation

Pereira, David, Sania Hameed, Mary Stefanidis and Allison Burgess (2020). “Your Journey: A Career Guide for Trans and Nonbinary Students,” a joint publication from Career Exploration & Education and the Sexual & Gender Diversity Office. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto.