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Your Journey Part 1: Get Connected 

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Reflect on your values and goals, and explore ways to get connected to organizations on campus and in the community.

Networking is about building relationships and gathering information that can help you make decisions about your career. Connections with others can help clarify the next steps in your career exploration and inform the decisions you make regarding jobs, further education, and what you want about where you work. Part of the networking process requires you to take some time for self-reflection. It’s important to understand how and when different aspects of your identity connect with your career aspirations and values, and what that might mean for the kinds of employment you might pursue.


Connecting with yourself

The following questions can help you to clarify your values, interests and goals as they relate to what you want for your career and work.

Download Connecting with Yourself Worksheet [PDF]

Connecting with others

Many groups, organizations, and individuals, both on and off campus, can help you navigate your career and explore your options. Meeting new people and joining new groups can be difficult — this can be especially true if you’re unsure whether expressing your gender identity in front of others will be safe and welcomed. Whether it’s a group that’s in the LGBTQ+ community, or one that aligns with your interests and career aspirations, what’s important is that you get involved and get connected.

meeting new people

A way to connect: informational interviews

Once you’ve identified a professional who you want to connect with to learn more about their career or a particular job, you can request an informational interview. This is an opportunity to talk to professionals about their career journey and learn from their experiences. This can be a formal invitation or a casual conversation.

Informational interviews: start to finish

Identifying companies where you may want to work

One of the benefits of getting connected and meeting people who work in places and industries you’re interested in is learning more about the work and career options that best align with your skills, interests and values.

What to look for in an employer


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