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Your Journey: A Career Guide for Trans and Nonbinary Students 

Welcome to Your Journey: A Career Guide for Trans and Nonbinary Students. We hope this guide is informative and offers a nuanced approach to thinking about your career. The guide is designed to support you in applying for jobs by showing you how to leverage available resources and make decisions that work for you and your career.

Your Journey encourages you to reflect on your own wants, needs, and values, and how these might show up in different career possibilities. It emphasizes the importance of community in the career process, and having a circle of support and guidance to help you make choices that you feel comfortable with. Your Journey also provides practical tips and strategies – such as how write an effective resume – as well as useful information on your rights in the workplace.

This guide is not able to answer every question you might have, but we hope that it answers some of them, and offers insight into steps you can take to get closer to finding the answers you’re searching for.

This guide is structured in four sections:

continue to Part 1: Get Connected

continue to Part 2: Apply Well

continue to Part 3: On the Job

continue to Part 4: Moving Forward