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UTSC Women’s & Trans Centre 

The UTSC Women’s & Trans Centre (WTC) is a non-profit, student run organization at the U of T Scarborough Campus. WTC hope to create a safer and more inclusive community for folks who self identify as queer, radicalized, trans, non-binary, women, femmes, and any and all intersections of the above identities. WTC runs as a non-hierarchical collective and operates under an intersectional feminist framework. We abide by three main pillars: Raising Awareness & Offering Education, Providing Resources + Referrals, and Maintaining an Open and Anti-Oppressive Space. WTC do this with the events we host, the campaigns run throughout the year and the resources and organizations that are supported and can that folks can be referred to.

WTC offers a variety of resources (eg. Menstrual & reproductive products, etc.) and can refer folks to various campus and community organizations and supports. When the Centre is open it is also a safe and anti-oppressive space for folks on campus. WTC hope to make all of campus a safe & anti-oppressive space through the various issues advocated for and campaigns that are run throughout the year.

Folks who want to get involved and/or get in touch can reach out through socials (@UTSCWTCentre on IG, FB, TikTok and Twitter), email internalcoordinator.wc@gmail.com, and/or visit in person.