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Student Name and/or Gender Change on Academic Records & ACORN 

The SGDO does not manage name change processes at U of T. Please refer to your faculty/department or college registrar for process-specific inquires.

The University of Toronto has a way for students to have their first name and/or gender changed on their academic records and ACORN. Go to your Registrar’s Office and request the Change of Name or Gender Request Form.

You are able to change your name and/or your gender without legal documentation. You will need to provide ID to prove who you are, but not to verify the name and gender that you are changing it to. U of T will maintain your legal name and gender information in the records, but your correct name and gender, as requested, will appear on all university documents once the form is processed.

You do not need to provide an explanation or disclosure as to the reasons for the change.

The Registrar should advise you where the name on the records is not your formal legal name and that future employers, licensing bodies, or other educational institutions may require proof that the transcripts and diplomas are your legitimate academic records.

Any questions from administrators or students can be directed to the Sexual & Gender Diversity Office.

Note: For international students, there can be specific considerations in relation to your academic record, immigration requirements, borders, and more. We recommend contacting us at the SGDO [sgdo@utoronto.ca] to discuss some of these considerations and the resources available to you.

Read the Statement Concerning Change of Student Personal Information in Official Academic Records.

Do you wish to change your display name but not your name on your academic records?

The University of Toronto has a single-source application for students, staff, faculty and librarians to add and/or update an individual’s display first name on certain university systems: Quercus, UTMail, and HRIS (an updated list is available at my.auth.utoronto.ca). The application (my.auth.utoronto.ca) will only effect the first name that is displayed for an individual in some University systems and will not change the individual’s formal legal name.

Find out more about this process.

Are you both a student and an employee?

Please note that the personal information records for student status are unique from any employment records. If you change your information on your student record, this will NOT translate to your employment record. Employment records do require your legal personal information for payment and record keeping, however any person can request to be addressed by the name and pronoun that they use in their everyday. Adding or changing a Display First Name can help ensure the name you wish to use at work and with colleagues while maintaining your legal name for payment and pension purposes. The Sexual & Gender Diversity Office can support a student employee and/or the employer to address any questions or concerns regarding these matters.