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Staff & Faculty Name and/or Gender Change in HRIS 

The University of Toronto has simple ways for staff and faculty to have their name and/or gender changed in HRIS (Human Resource Information System). Display first name can be changed by adding a display first name. Gender designation can be changed by simply submitting the Change of Gender Request Form to an HR contact or Business Officer. You may use this form to make one of the following changes in your official Human Resources record:

  • Change your gender identity
  • Change your form of address (including Mx & Misc)

Please note: changes to a display first name is not a legal change to your personal identification. For legal name changes, speak with your HR contact or business officer.

As a staff, faculty or librarian, you are able to change your name and/or your gender without documentation of a legal name and/or gender change. You will need to provide ID to prove who you are, but not to verify the name or gender that you are changing it to.

The University of Toronto is currently working to ensure name and/or gender changes specified via this form appear on all University documentation, reports, and services. As of November 30, 2017, the following services will reflect display name changes: Green Shield Canada, U of T Pension Services, Employee Self-Service, Campus Mail, and most Human Resources reports and programs. Over the course of 2018, more services and resources will be modified to reflect name and gender changes. During this interim period, please forward any instances where your name and / or gender is not appearing correctly to askhr@utoronto.ca for resolution.

Once you submit this form, please connect with your Divisional HR Office and / or Business Officer to ensure that other materials (such as departmental contact directories and business cards) are updated and changed appropriately. Please note that reports and communications generated independent of HRIS may not reflect the changes requested by this form and manual updates may be required.

It is important to know that changes to your display name will be reflected wherever possible on your official HRIS record, correspondence, award certificates, and reports. It is the sole responsibility of the employee to resolve or deal with issues resulting from a name change. As requested, the University can provide documentation with an employee’s legal name.

Any questions from administrators or employees can be directed to the Sexual & Gender Diversity Office.