Washroom Inclusivity Project

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Are you still searching for that perfect washroom?

From 2013-15, the Washroom Inclusivity Project is a unique collaboration of students and staff across equity offices and campus services with the goal of providing clear and updated information about the range of U of T’s current washroom facilities and fostering a safe and inclusive campus community. The project highlights single-user facilities, accessibility features, ablution facilities for people who wash before prayer, and baby change stations on the online campus map.

Buildings across U of T’s three campuses keep changing. Renovations happen, new buildings are erected, and as a result, the landscape of washroom options continue to change.

We want to keep the campus maps as up to date as possible. If you’re interested in helping out, feel free to check the online map for a buliding that you’re familiar with – maybe it’s where your workspace is located or it is your most common stomping ground after class. Does the map of the washrooms match what is actually available in the washrooms? For the map, we are not noting every washroom that exists, but we are looking for the ones that include any of the following criteria:

  • single-user washrooms (women’s, men’s, or all-gender)
  • multi-user all-gender washrooms
  • accessible washrooms
  • washrooms with footbaths or ablution facilities for students who wash before prayer
  • washrooms with baby or adult change stations.

Do you know of a washroom that is not mapped? Email sgdo@utoronto.ca with the building name, floor, room number (or nearest room number) and the relevant details about the washroom!

Read more about the Washroom Inclusivity Project.