Outside the Box: UTSC Lunch & Conversation Series

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Each lunch will feature a new theme, UTSC partner and guest facilitator!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Outside the Box”?

Outside the Box is a UTSC lunch and conversation series to bring students together every other Wednesday.

Each lunch will be co-hosted by Sexual & Gender Diversity Office and UTSC Department of Student Life, in partnership with a different UTSC group and feature a guest speaker from the Scarborough community talking about a new topics. Join us to talk about the issues that are on your mind.


How did “Outside the Box” get started?

Four ago, a UTSC student and staff member from the SGDO met with many students and staff at UTSC to discuss how we can begin to host open conversations that put the questions and experiences students have around issues of equity, sexuality, gender and culture. This series will attempt to in our lives on campus, in our homes and in our communities.

Each lunch will include an on-campus organization and a guest speaker from the community to get things started. From here, the discussion and format of the lunch is up to you. We encourage you to join us in conversation and see how it goes. Everyone is welcome to suggest new topics and groups can co-present events with us throughout the year.


What’s next for “Outside the Box”?

View the SGDO events calendar to see our upcoming sessions.


What’s has already happened at “Outside the Box”?

You can also check out our past lunch sessions, partners and facilitators on our event calendar.

We will also post a new event for each session through the SGDO Facebook page. Stay connected as we unveil each session!