Gender Talk

The Sexual & Gender Diversity Office is committed to hosting virtual programming for students until further notice. Please check our events calendar to learn more about upcoming events. Be sure to RSVP to events in order to receive video conferencing details. If you have additional questions, reach out to us at


Monthly Discussion Series

12:00 – 1:30 pm, First Friday of Each Month

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Gender Talk?

Gender Talk is a monthly conversation café for trans+ students at U of T.  We welcome all members of U of T who identify as trans, transgender, nonbinary, genderqueer, or who are questioning their gender identity to come together to talk about the issues you want to talk about. Connect with other students and guest facilitators as we share our thoughts, experiences and questions.

Do I just show up?

Yes!  This is an open drop-in conversation café for anyone interested in attending.  We encourage everyone to show up at 12:00 pm, if you can. At that time, the facilitator will introduce themselves and encourage everyone to share their name.  After that, the facilitator will guide us in a conversation, though the direction really depends on the people present.   The conversation wraps up at 1:30 pm, but students are encouraged to remain in the lounge to hang out, chat informally and enjoy the remaining snacks.

Are there any rules?

We don’t have rules for the group, but we do have guidelines we like to follow.  We encourage people to speak from their own experiences and understandings, and try to avoid generalizing about the experiences of others.  Some people will share personal information, so we ask that everyone respect what is being shared and keep it private.  We expect that all participants work together to build a space of mutual respect, safety, trust and learning for everyone.

What if I want to speak with someone one-on-one about a topic being discussed?

If you want to talk about what is being discussed, but do not feel comfortable sharing in the group, or there was something shared in the group you would like to discuss further, you can contact the Sexual & Gender Diversity Office.