World AIDS Day – December 1

uc-in-redThis evening, University College will be lit up red. This has become an annual tradition for UC during World AIDS Day every December 1st. World AIDS Day is an opportunity to show support to and solidarity with the millions of people living with HIV and AIDS. Historically, HIV/AIDS has had a huge impact on LGBTQ+ communities and it continues to affect our communities.

Today is an opportunity to talk about HIV and to continue raising awareness, fighting stigma and improving education. World AIDS Day serves as a great opportunity to bring attention to these issues, and it serves as a reminder of why it is important to continue this work all year round.

There are many organizations in Toronto and the GTA that focus specifically on providing support to and raising awareness within LGBTQ+ communities affected by HIV/AIDS. Here are just a few with whom we have had the pleasure to work:

The Hassle Free Clinic and the Queen West Central Toronto Community Health Centre both offer free anonymous HIV testing as well as counselling services.

If you have any questions about campus or community resources, you can contact us at

Photography by Johnny Guatto from the University College website.