Washroom Inclusivity Project Launched at U of T

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The Launch of the ‘Washroom Inclusivity Project’: A Call for Volunteers

A new project launching this month brings a focus to little-discussed facilities on the St. George Campus: its public washrooms.

Dubbed the Washroom Inclusivity Project, the initiative looks to assist the diverse needs of our community members on the St. George campus, by making available up-to-date information about current facilities.

“The diversity of student, staff and faculty needs is great, even when seeking out something as ordinary as an appropriate washroom,” said Allison Burgess, Sexual & Gender Diversity Officer. “That’s what makes this project so unique: it accounts for multiple equity needs and has a multi-lens approach.”

To get this information, the project team, comprised of student and employee volunteers, will conduct an inventory of existing washroom facilities over two days in March. The team will specifically gather data on four areas:

  • Physical accessibility;
  • Single-user washrooms for broader gender inclusivity;
  • Baby-changing stations; and,
  • Footbaths for Muslim students who wash before prayer.
  • Once compiled, this inventory will then be used to provide clear and updated information about the washroom facilities on the online St. George Campus Map. It is hoped in future this initiative will also map the washroom facilities at the Scarborough and Mississauga campuses.

    “We want everyone to feel like they belong at U of T which is an inclusive campus community,” explained Richard Chambers, Director of the Multi-Faith Centre. “This project will provide meaningful experiential learning opportunities for students that highlight learning across differences and navigating pluralism.”

    The project is a partnership between the Sexual & Gender Diversity Office, Multi-Faith Centre, Accessibility Services, Family Care Office, and Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Office (AODA) Office, in collaboration with Facilities & Services and Property Management.

    Volunteers Needed

    There will be two training dates scheduled for February 27 and 28 where volunteers will learn more about the issues faced by these groups on campus, as well as how to foster a safe and inclusive campus community. The following week, on March 6 and 7, the inventory will take place.

    “What is great about the project is the role of students. We are drawing on those that rely on particular washroom features to help us to complete the inventory,” noted Mari Rossi, one of the student interns working on the project out of the Family Care Office, who is also a student parent.

    “I am excited about this initiative as it is bringing people together to do something relatively simple, but that will have a larger benefit for the U of T community,” added Allison.

    Click here to fill out a Volunteer Application Form.

    To learn more about the Washroom Inclusivity Project or to volunteer, visit:

    Website: http://blogs.studentlife.utoronto.ca/washroom/

    Email: washroom.project@utoronto.ca

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/WIPUofT

    Twitter: @WIPUofT

    This project is a partnership between the University of Toronto’s Sexual & Gender Diversity Office, Multi-Faith Centre, Accessibility Services, Family Care Office and AODA Office in collaboration with Facilities & Services and Property Management.

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