U of T statements in solidarity with Black community members

Those of us at the SGDO join in the expression of sadness, frustration and intense anger related to recent events that highlight the persistent presence of racial violence and anti-Black racism. The following are statements from the Office of the President and Office of the Vice-President Human Resources & Equity.

As we begin Pride Month this year, we are reminded of the importance of being in solidarity in the most difficult of times, even more so now when we are physically disconnected from one another. The most recent acts of racialized violence against Black lives painfully highlights once again the impacts of systemic injustices of racism, and anti-Black racism. We stand in solidarity with our Black community members in our LGBTQ+ communities and beyond.

From its inception following the Stonewall Riots in 1969, Pride has always been more than a celebration: Pride commemorates pain and loss within LGBTQ+ communities, and it serves as a demonstration to highlight the continued importance of resisting homophobia and transphobia. And as we actively work against anti-LGBTQ+ violence and all forms of racism, it is vital that we also make space to nurture and to celebrate our communities, including our queer and trans Black, Indigenous and people of colour communities. At this time and at all times, LGBTQ+ liberation is intersectional.

With this in mind, we hope that you will join us for Pride events that celebrate our diverse LGBTQ+ communities, while highlighting the work of two-spirit, LGBTQ+ Indigenous, and people of colour artists and community leaders. During these isolating and divisive times, let us come together to sustain our communities and celebrate each other and ourselves, with Pride.