Reporting a Concern or Complaint

The University of Toronto has a large and diverse population of students, staff and faculty.  As a university, we celebrate this diversity and are committed to equity; equal access to opportunities for all members of the community; freedom of expression and academic freedom; and providing a safe, welcoming and harassment-free working and learning environment for all.

We also recognize that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people are still frequently the targets of hostile, intimidating and harassing behaviours on our campus, and we attach high priority to dealing with any such incidents.

If you have experienced harassment or discrimination, we encourage you to find support and discuss your experiences.  This can be done with a trusted friend, partner or family member, a staff person at the University, or a health professional.  You are always welcome to meet with staff at the SGDO to discuss their experiences and find support, even if you do not want to file a report.


Reporting Homophobic or Transphobic Harassment on Campus


You can report homophobic or transphobic harassment on campus by contacting one of the following offices:

1. Contact the Sexual & Gender Diversity Office

Staff in the SGDO will meet with you to discuss the incident.  We will talk with you about what happened, finding support and about how the complaint process works.

2. Contact the Sexual Violence Prevention & Support Centre

Staff in the Centre can meet with you to explore your options under the University’s Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment.  You can visit their website to learn more about how they may be able to support and about the reporting process. Contacting the Centre does not automatically initiate a report to the University — this will be your informed choice.

3. Contact Campus Police

Any and all incidents can be reported to Campus Police.