Resources for Faculty, Instructors & Teaching Assistants


The Sexual & Gender Diversity Office is working to develop a collection of internal and external resources that may be helpful to faculty, instructors and TAs in navigating the relationship between gender and sexual diversity and the classroom environment.*


External Resources

National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity. All faculty, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows at U of T have free access to this professional development, training, and mentoring community designed to help academics increase research and writing productivity and improve work-life balance. NCFDD membership offers relevant professional development training, intense and reliable support from highly trained and successful mentors, a confidential “safe space” for problem solving, and a downloadable virtual format so members can learn at their convenience.


“Gay in the Academy” is an article from US website which examines what it means to be queer while on the academic job market.


Interrupting Heteronormativity is a 300 page document from the Syracuse University School of Graduate Studies (2004) which provides useful insights and tools exploring three major themes: (i) Heteronormativity in the classroom, (ii) Responsible Pedagogy, and (iii) LGBTQ Teaching Resources.


Tips for Teachers: Classroom Climate for LGBTQ Students is a document from the University of Vermont’s LGBTQA Services that discusses the role of faculty in making the classroom climate more LGBTQ friendly.  This document covers improving the classroom climate, incorporating LGBTQ themes in curriculum and further education for teaching faculty.


*This webpage is currently under development.  If you have resources or topics you would like to suggest for this page, please send them to the Sexual & Gender Diversity Office.