Mission, Values & Vision


University of Toronto Sexual & Gender Diversity Office



The Sexual & Gender Diversity Office (SGDO) develops partnerships to build supportive learning and working communities at the University of Toronto by working towards equity and challenging discrimination. The Office provides innovative education, programming, resources and advocacy on sexual and gender diversity for students, staff and faculty across the University’s three campuses.


The Sexual & Gender Diversity Office operates by:

  • Centring principles of equity and intersectionality
  • Facilitating supportive and inclusive communities within the university
  • Engaging in ongoing learning, support and advocacy concerning sexual and gender diversity
  • Connecting the University of Toronto with broader LGBTQ communities
  • Recognizing our histories and supporting a creative vision for the future


The Sexual & Gender Diversity Office is at the forefront of community and policy development on emerging and ongoing equity issues within higher education from the perspective of sexual and gender diversity.


Adopted: August, 2013