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Call for Nominations for Co-Chairs of the St. George Positive Space Committee

General Description 

The Positive Space Campaign has raised 2SLGBTQ+ visibility at the University of Toronto since 1995. The Campaign continues to support and connect 2SLGBTQ+ students, faculty members, librarians, and staff and allies through the work of volunteers across the three campuses. These volunteers strive to make the University an inclusive place where all community members have a greater sense of belonging.   

The Positive Space Campaign is largely advanced by Positive Space Committees on each of the University of Toronto’s three campuses, which welcome 2SLGBTQ+ community members and their allies to organize and participate in social events and educational programming, including the signature event, #DisplayYourPride.   

Purpose of the Positive Space Committee 

The Positive Space Committee for the St. George campus meets regularly to discuss emerging issues, respond to needs throughout the campus, plan social activities, and network with others to support the Positive Space Campaign. 

These meetings are a gathering of volunteers who are committed to addressing homophobia and transphobia and making our learning and working environments more inclusive and who are also interested in 2SLGBTQ+ community-building. Participation on the Positive Space Committee is not limited to people who identify as 2SLGBTQ+; all are welcome, and allies are pivotal to the work. 

The Positive Space Committee on the St. George campus is looking for 1-2 employees (staff, faculty members or librarians) to volunteer to provide leadership to the Committee as Chair or Co-Chair. 


Co-Chairs’ Role & Expectations 

The Positive Space Committee Co-Chairs lead the St. George Positive Space Committee. The Co-Chairs are guided by the Positive Space Campaign’s vision, mission, and values to plan, develop, and host the activities of the Positive Space Committee. The expectations are as follows: 

  • Host and facilitate meetings of the Committee throughout the academic year, including lead discussions about event and programming ideas 
  • With support of the Sexual & Gender Diversity Office: 
    • Manage the Positive Space budget 
    • Manage or delegate the Positive Space listserv, including subscription requests and email distributions 
    • Manage or delegate the Positive Space Committee social media account(s) 
    • Support the distribution of Positive Space materials  
    • Discuss programs and plans on a regular basis 
  • Delegate tasks and responsibilities to the Committee members 
  • Regularly liaise and coordinate with Positive Space Chairs at UTM and UTSC
  • Provide an annual report/summary of activities at the end of the academic year
  • Build 2SLGBTQ+ community, solidarity and awareness on campus
  • Promote and encourage well-rounded campus representation on the Positive Space Committee from students, faculty members, staff and librarians 

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Full-time permanent staff, faculty member, or librarian at the St. George campus 
  • Understanding and awareness of the lived experiences of 2SLGBTQ+ people and experience working with and alongside these diverse communities 
  • Experience working collaboratively with colleagues across the St. George campus, including students and employees interested in the intentional inclusion of 2SLGBTQ+ folks 
  • Committee facilitation experience, including skills in consensus-building across multiple perspectives 
  • Experience with project management support, including the coordination of online and in-person events, programming 
  • Relationship-building skills, including building experiences with community groups, organizations, students, and equity-deserving groups 
  • Desire and interest to represent Positive Space and its goals on campus and at other public events 
  • Flexibility in full-time work role to fulfill the role of the Chair/Co-Chair 


Reporting Structure 

The Vice-President, People Strategy, Equity & Culture appoints the St. George Positive Space Committee Chair/Co-Chairs. The Co-Chairs also receive support (administrative, operational or otherwise) and guidance from U of T’s Sexual & Gender Diversity Office 


Application Process 

If you are interested in serving as St. George’s Positive Space Committee Chair/Co-Chair, please send an expression of interest to Allison Burgess, Director, Sexual & Gender Diversity Office, at allison.burgess@utoronto.ca