Single User Washroom List

This is the most current and up-to-date list of single user washrooms for the University of Toronto’s three campuses.  You can also click on U of T’s interactive campus map to see where each of these washrooms is located for the St. George campus.

The Sexual & Gender Diversity Office is currently in the process of updating the content on this map (the map is currently more up to date than the text list below). Please do not hesitate to email us to let us know if we have missed one.


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St. George Campus

Anthropology Building 

SUA room 114
SUA room 115
SUA across from room 120

Astronomy & Astrophysics Building 
SU room 73
SU room 76

Bahen Building/Koffler Centre 

SU in the corridor linking Bahen and Koffler – South side.

Brennan Hall 
SUA across from front entrance

Conovcation Hall/Simcoe Hall 
SUA across from room 23

Cumberland House 
SU first floor

Continuing Studies 
SU on Basement/1st/2nd floors

Earth Sciences Centre 
SUA room 1069
SUA room B146

Emmanuel College 
SUA across from room 105

Exam Centre 
SUA right before room 200

Fasken Martineau Building 
SU across from front desk

Galbraith Building 
SU room 111A
SU room 114

Gerstein Science Info Centre and Library 
SUA across from basement cafe

Haultain Building 
SU room 309

Hart House 
SUA outside the Great Hall on the main floor

Health Sciences Building 

SUA room 172
SUA room 381
SUA room 490
SUA room 572
SU room 756

Innis College 
SU 2nd floor of Sussex Wing next to lounge

J. Robert S. Prichard Alumni House 
SUA left of main entrance

J.M. Kelly Library 
SUA room 108
SUA room 103
SUA room 104

Koffler Student Services Centre
SU two in the Employer Interview Area, accessed from the Career Centre

Knox College/Nona MacDonald Visitor’s Centre 
SUA room B20
SUA room B15

Lash Miller Chemical Labs 
SUA across from room 162

Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Building 
SUA across from 1st floor elevators

Margaret Addison Residence 
SU all floors

Max Gluskin
SU 1st floor
SUA 1st floor
SUA 2nd floor

McLennan Physical Laboratories 
SUA across from room 134

McMurrich Building 
SUA across from room 124
SUA from room 224

Mechanical Engineering Building
SUA room 128B

Medical Sciences Building 
SUA room 2137
SUA room 2138

Mining Building 
SUA room 104

Morrison Hall Residence
SUA all floors

Multi-Faith Centre/Koffler House 
SUA room 103
SUA room 104
SUA 2nd floor right of elevator

Munk Centre
SU all floors

New Residence Building
SUA room 101

North Borden Building
SUA ground floor

Northrop Frye Hall 
SUA across from room 214

SUA 12th floor

Old Vic
SUA basement

Ramsay Wright Laboratories 
SUA room 146A

Regis College 
SUA across from room 123

Robarts Library
SUA ground floor, near the Information Commons

Rosebrugh Building 
SUA across from room 214

Sandford Fleming Building 
SUA room 1103

School of Graduate Studies (Macdonald-Mowat House) 
SUA room 110

School of Graduate Studies (Office of the Dean) 
SUA across from room 101

Sidney Smith Building

SUA southeast corner of study space

Sir Daniel Wilson Residences
SU group washrooms

South Borden Building 
SU room 204

Tanz Neuroscience 
SUA across from room 8

Terrence Donelly Centre for Cellular & Biomolecular Research 
SUA across from coffee shop

University College, Cloister Wing
SU 3rd floor, door F

University College, Southeast Tower

SU 3rd floor

University College Union
SUA southwest corner of the drama department

SU through the front door and to the left

Wetmore Hall
SU room 103

Whitney Hall
SU group washrooms

Wilson Hall
SU near the library and the Institute for Women and Gender Studies

Wycliffe College 
SU next to conference room

Wymilwood Building

SU 2nd floor

U of T Mississauga

Erindale Hall Residence 

SUA two on 1st floor beside laundry room

Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre & Library
SUA room 252
SUA room 469

MaGrath Valley Residence
SU laundry room/lounge – unit MV226

Oscar Peterson Hall Residence
SUA floors 2, 3, 4, and 5 across from common rooms
SUA 6th floor lounge

Recreation, Athletics & Wellness Centre
SUA room 22
SU room 133
SUA room 134

Roy Ivor Hall Residence
SUA two on 1st floor in hallway to blocks A & B

Schreiberwood Residence
SU upstairs in family lounge – unit SW28

Student Centre
SU room 101
SU room 103
SUA room 247
SUA room 248

William G. Davis Building

SUA room 116
SU room 136
SUA room 3224
SUA room 3288

U of T Scarborough

Bladen Wing

SUA room BV203 behind Tim Horton’s
SUA two across from BV482

Humanities Wing
SU beside HW503a

Science Research Building
SUA 1st floor connection between the Science Wing and Science Research Building

Science Wing
SUA 4th floor, east end

Management Building
SUA beside MW120