Queer Orientation 2016

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From September 22-30, 2016, U of T hosted its 10th annual Queer Orientation week! Check out some of these past events below.

Queer Orientation (QO) is an annual week of LGBTQ-focused programming across all three campuses of U of T during the month of September. Queer Orientation is an opportunity for new and returning students, staff and faculty to make connections, engage in activities and have discussions related to LGBTQ+ communities. For its 10th anniversary, Queer Orientation has a whopping total of 47 events organized by 35 different U of T departments/ clubs/ groups from September 22nd to 30th! There is a wide variety of activities and everyone is welcome to attend!


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Queer Orientation Promotional Materials:

Queer Orientation posters and info cards are available for pickup at the Sexual & Gender Diversity Office, the UTM Equity & Diversity Office and the UTSC Equity & Diversity Office. Contact any of these offices to arrange a pickup time!

We also have digital promotional materials such as a Queer Orientation Facebook banner, display picture and logo (which you could include in any additional promotional materials). Email us at sgdo@utoronto.ca to get these digital promotional materials.


Reminder for Groups Hosting Queer Orientation Events:

Please be sure to send us updated information for your QO event as soon as possible so that we can include this in our online promotions. Be sure to include: a description of your event, the location of your event, any costs associated to your event, any relevant accessibility information for your event space (e.g. ASL, wheelchair and scooter accessibility, accessible all-gender washrooms, etc.).



Check out all three campuses! Students, staff and faculty are invited to attend any event of interest on any campus. Contact the event organizer or an LGBTQ+ club on your campus for directions and to see if a group is travelling together.








Queer Orientation is brought to you by a dedicated team of students and staff from:

OUT@UTM, UTM Students’ Union, UTM Sexual Education Centre, Social Spectrum, LGBTOUT, U of T Centre for Women & Trans People, Centre for International Experience, VicPride!, UTM Positive Space Committee, U of T Aces and Aros, U of T Sexual Education Centre, Women and Gender Studies Students Union, Hart House, UTSC Equity & Diversity Office, UTSC Department of Student Life, Scarborough Students’ Union, UTSC Women & Trans Centre, University College, University College Literary and Athletics Society, Equity Movement, Move U, Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education, U of T Health & Wellness Centre, Family Care Office, Ecumenical Chaplaincy, Qu(e)erying Religion, U of T Libraries, Alumni Relations, Students for Barrier-Free Access, School of Graduate Studies, U of T Graduate Students’ Union, UTM Health & Counselling Centre, UTM Recreation and Wellness Centre, University of Toronto Students’ Union and the Sexual & gender Diversity Office.


Check out the Queer Orientation events calendar for more information and stay tuned for more details coming soon!


If you have questions about Queer Orientation contact Kathy Vi Mac, Program Coordinator, Sexual & Gender Diversity Office.