Anonymous Reporting


Help us stay aware of the experiences of LGBTQ community members


If you recognize or experience homophobia, transphobia, harassment or discrimination at U of T, we encourage you to let the Sexual & Gender Diversity Office know By making the Office aware, you will help the University better understand how homophobia and transphobia exist on our campus and how we can respond both institutionally and as a community.

Contact us if you would like to discuss your experience with a staff person, if require support or would like to make a report in person.

Fill out an Anonymous Report Online

The purpose of this form is to provide a way for members of the University of Toronto community and visitors to any of the three University of Toronto campuses to anonymously report incidents and behaviours motivated by intolerance and hatred towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people.  Homophobia and transphobia include remarks and behaviours which target non-normative gender and sexual identities, regardless of a person’s identity.

Examples of incidents that should be reported include, but are not limited to:

  • Derogatory messages on bulletin boards, white boards, graffiti, emails or websites
  • Defacement or tearing down of posters, including LGBTQ announcements or Positive Space stickers/posters
  • Verbal or physical harassment
  • Threats of assault or assault by a known or unknown perpetrator, including a same-sex date or domestic partner


Filling out the Report generates an anonymous message to the Sexual & Gender Diversity Office.  We will not trace the source of your message and will only contact you if you provide contact information.

The information you provide will be compiled by the Sexual & Gender Diversity Office and used to raise awareness and visibility about the lived experiences of students and employees (staff and faculty) on campus.  Please provide as much information and details as possible.


Report Bullying Form

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 Incidents can also be reported to the University of Toronto Campus Police or City of Toronto Police.